Weird Happening

I don’t know what this means or if it means anything. As I was sitting on the couch watching TV, a bird hit the window, hard. I was scared to look out. I was afraid I’d find a dead bird on the deck. Instead I found a dove, just sitting there. I hoped it would be OK and went back to watching TV. Several minutes later Stevie looked out and started growling, then barking. I assumed the bird must still be there but still didn’t want to look fearing it might be seriously injured or dead. Over an hour passed and I was about to leave and needed to let the dogs out. I looked out and the bird had moved from the deck to the top step going down to the patio. I reluctantly let the dogs out prepared to command them to leave the bird alone, assuming it could not fly away. After all, Stevie had been a few feet away barking and growling at it through the glass and it had not left.

As Stevie went out onto the deck, the bird effortlessly took flight off into the sky after sitting on the ground for over an hour.

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