Weirdest Sign of All?

Ty and attended a group for bereaved parents. We left the meeting around 9 o’clock PM, well after dark.  I drove the 15 minutes back to the house and as I pulled into the garage, my headlights went off before I even shut the car off. I said to Ty “Why did my headlights just go off?”  This is weird for a couple of reasons. First, the headlights generally stay on for a while after I get out of the car.  Second, this is the really weird part, when I looked at the switch for my headlights it had been moved to the “Off” position.  I never touch the headlight switch on my car. I leave it on Auto. The car has daytime running lights and the headlights come on automatically when it’s dark. 

I started to think “Hmmm… When is the last time Ty drove my car.  Maybe, out of habit, she turned the headlight switch to off and I’ve been driving around with it in the off position.”  But, we had just driven home in the dark and on a road that has no lights at all. One or both of us would have noticed if the headlights weren’t on. And I distinctly saw the headlights turn off as we entered the garage.  I’m glad I had Ty there to witness this because if someone told me this, I wouldn’t believe him.  I even wondered if I had subconsciously turned the headlights off myself, but I was actually reaching for the button to turn the car off at the time and I’m not in the habit of even touching the headlight switch.  

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