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What To Do When You Find Yourself Dead- Soul Retrieval Expert Speaks

Soul Retrieval Expert Speaks

Mike Marable is a soul retrieval expert who wants to make sure you know what to do when you find yourself dead. Mike has written the modern-day equivalent of the Tibetan Book Of The Dead.

Navigating the afterlife can be a complex and fascinating journey. In a recent episode of the Grief 2 Growth podcast, host Brian Smith delves into the intriguing concept of soul retrieval with guest Mike Marable. Mike, a seasoned expert in healthcare technology and out-of-body experiences, shares his profound insights into what happens after we die and how some souls need assistance in their transition. In this article, we’ll explore Mike’s transformative journey, the process of soul retrieval, and the broader implications for our understanding of the afterlife.

Mike Marable’s Transformative Journey

Mike Marable’s life took a significant turn in 1987 when he had a transformative experience that introduced him to the world of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and soul retrieval. With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare technology field, Mike’s journey into the spiritual realm was both unexpected and enlightening. Mike hadn’t given much thought to the afterlife, let alone something as unusual as soul retrieval.

It all began during the Harmonic Convergence, a period in 1987 when people around the world were meditating to bring about a new era of peace and harmony. Mike, who had no prior interest in spiritual matters, experienced a sudden and profound awakening. This event marked the beginning of his exploration into OBEs, where he discovered the existence of other realms and the potential for soul retrieval.

Understanding Out-of-Body Experiences

Out-of-body experiences are at the core of Mike’s journey and his ability to assist in soul retrieval. An OBE occurs when a person’s consciousness temporarily separates from their physical body, allowing them to experience the world from a different perspective.

Mike’s first OBE was spontaneous and overwhelming. He recalls feeling a warm vibration and energy coursing through his body, eventually leading to a sense of detachment from his physical self. Over time, these experiences became more frequent, and Mike sought guidance from the Monroe Institute, an organization dedicated to the study of human consciousness. The institute provided him with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate these extraordinary experiences and utilize them for soul retrieval.

The Concept of Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is a fascinating and often misunderstood process. It involves helping souls who are lost or stuck in their transition to the afterlife. Mike explains that while most souls transition smoothly, some become disoriented or attached to their previous lives, requiring assistance to move on.

The reasons for needing soul retrieval vary. Some souls might be unaware that they have passed away, while others might be held back by strong emotional ties or unfinished business. Mike uses his OBEs to locate these souls and guide them towards the light. The process involves raising the soul’s vibratory frequency and calling upon guides to assist in their transition. Mike’s experiences offer a unique perspective on the compassionate act of guiding souls to the light, providing comfort and closure for both the souls and their loved ones.

Exploring the Realms Beyond

The afterlife consists of various levels and realms, each with its own characteristics. Mike’s soul retrieval missions have taken him to different dimensions, where he encounters souls in need of guidance. These realms range from dark, gloomy spaces close to the Earth to higher vibrational areas filled with light and serenity.

Light plays a crucial role in the transition process. Souls are often drawn to light sources, which indicate higher vibratory frequencies. By guiding souls toward these light sources, Mike helps them connect with guides who can assist them further. Mike’s experiences are verified through real-life encounters and consistent themes observed across different retrievals. One myth Mike wants to bust is that going to the light is a trap. Mike says to always go to the light.

Perspectives on Reincarnation and Continuous Life

Reincarnation and the concept of continuous life are integral to understanding soul retrieval. Mike discusses life as a continuous journey with multiple timelines and parallel lives. He emphasizes the importance of keeping an open and curious mindset, which can help souls transition smoothly and embrace their new existence.

According to Mike, reincarnation is not a linear process. Instead, it involves simultaneous experiences across different dimensions. Souls may choose to reincarnate for various reasons, often driven by a desire for new experiences or to address unresolved issues from previous lives. By understanding this broader perspective, we can better appreciate the complexity and beauty of our eternal journey.

The Earth’s Vibrational Shift

Mike believes that the Earth has undergone a significant vibrational shift, impacting humanity and future generations. He suggests that the Earth itself is a conscious entity, evolving and raising its vibrational frequency. This shift has led to changes in human consciousness and the way souls transition.

The higher vibrational frequencies may be changing the way souls interact with the physical world and transition to the afterlife. Mike notes that the children born today have higher vibrational frequencies, which could lead to a more enlightened and harmonious future. While these changes may cause temporary chaos and upheaval, they ultimately pave the way for a more evolved and compassionate humanity.

Practical Advice on Lucid Dreaming and Time Travel

Lucid dreaming can be a powerful tool for exploring the afterlife and aiding in soul retrieval. Mike shares practical advice on how to use lucid dreaming as a portal to other dimensions and time travel. By becoming aware and in control of their dreams, individuals can explore different realms and gather valuable insights.

Mike suggests starting with basic lucid dreaming techniques, such as reality checks and maintaining a dream journal. Once proficient, dreamers can use their lucid dreams to visit different time periods and dimensions, gaining a deeper understanding of the afterlife and their own soul’s journey.

Mike’s Future Projects

Mike Marable has exciting projects in the works, including an upcoming book and a sci-fi screenplay. These projects delve deeper into the themes of soul retrieval, time travel, and exploring other dimensions. The new book, set for release in January 2025, promises to share more of Mike’s extraordinary experiences and insights, while the screenplay aims to bring these concepts to a broader audience through a compelling narrative.

Conclusion- Soul Retrieval Isn’t Scary

Mike Marable’s insights on soul retrieval and the afterlife offer a comforting and enlightening perspective. This episode of Grief 2 Growth encourages us to remain open-minded and curious about what lies beyond our physical existence. By understanding soul retrieval and other spiritual processes, we can better navigate the journey of life and death.

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