Where Exactly Is Heaven?

Where is heaven? What is heaven? When I was in Sunday school, I thought heaven was a place way up in the clouds. Heaven was a matter of distance. If you traveled far enough, you’d get there. Later in life, I heard heaven is simply a mental state. When we die, we enter this misty, semi-reality that is a dream state. There’s no objective reality there; it’s just what we make it. I heard no two people even shared experiences.

In many things where there are contradicting views, there is a great deal of truth in both viewpoints. The people who think that we continue in physicality are right. We don’t become thought forms, “beings of light”. We will have bodies. Many of the things we enjoy doing now, we will continue to enjoy doing in bodies that are beyond what we can imagine now. We will have bodies that don’t require sleep, don’t grow old, can run without tiring, don’t require food, and never feel an ache or pain. The people who think that heaven is a realm of thought and intention are also right. We can create using our minds. We can travel with our minds.

Travel, space, and time exist in heaven. But, not in the ways we are used to on Earth. We are always as near as a thought away from someone, even though we can choose to walk. Time passes, but there are no clocks, no day, no night, no seasons, no decay.

We hear of spheres or levels of heaven which causes us to think of some above and some below. We think we travel up from the Earth to get to the next level. But, it’s not far away in distance as we know it. Those who say heaven is right here, all around us, are right. I know a medium who says heaven is three feet off the floor, an exciting image.

I think that the various levels are analogous to radio broadcasts. Radio broadcasts are invisible and undetectable to us unless we have a radio. That radio tunes into multiple stations. When the dial is at 94.9, all we hear is music from 94.9. 98.1 is broadcasting, and those listening to 98.1 hear that music. It’s non-existent to us as long as we are not tuned into it. I think our loved ones are right here beside us, operating at a different frequency. Sometimes we can get close enough in frequency to catch bits and pieces of their existence.

Yes, heaven is a state of mind, in a sense It is all around us, undetectable while we are tuned into this reality. We will travel to get there when we drop these bodies; not in distance but in a shift in perception. We will dial into a different frequency and be back Home.

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