Day 945- Love Letter From Our Kids

You don’t know it yet, but what we shared has rocked the world—not just ours, but the entire world, everyone’s world. Now it’s my turn to give back to you, so please hear what I’m saying: Do not think I’m lost; because of you I was found. Don’t think my life is over; instead it has just begun. And do not regret what we didn’t do, where we didn’t go, or what we didn’t have; to know you was more than I even knew to hope for. That we spent so much of my life together …you can’t even begin to understand my gratitude.

Please celebrate every day, enjoy every moment, and love, love, love everything, everyone, every how and every way, just as you so unconditionally loved me. I’m here for you, Mom. The fact that I’m happy doesn’t mean I’m not waiting. You were the best part of my life. I’ll never wander farther than your thoughts can reach. And I’ll be the first to welcome you home …

I wish I knew the source.  Sorry.

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